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Young Gun of a Wine - Top 6 Rosés in Australia

January 12, 2023

Courtesy of - Young Gun of a Wine:

Three years after our inaugural Deep Dive into rosé, and with summer unfurling before us, it’s an apt time to cast our eyes across the Australian pink wine landscape. And when we say pink, the Pantone swatch book of rosé veers from the pale and coppery to the distinctly ruddy, and from a range of varieties that could include… well, anything. As a category defined by its colour, rosé, for us at least, is any wine that you can’t bring yourself to calling red and blushes too much to be classed as white. Can you call pinot gris coloured up with skin contact rosé? Why not. A white dosed up with a splash of red? Sure thing. Fermenting pink juice on aromatic white skins for more detail? Go for it. From the perfect accompaniment for sun-splashed languor to a versatile dinner-table foil, rosé is no one-trick pony.

We gathered every Australian rosé that we could find and set our expert panel the task of finding the wines that compelled the most. That means we’re not necessarily looking for some platonic ideal of classic rosé, but rather wines of interest and character regardless of style. All wines were tasted blind, and each panelist named their top six wines.

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All wines tasted blind 🙈 with palates cleansed thanks to @antipodes_water.

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