Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays

We’ve pinched this year’s ‘season greeting’ from our favourite warehouse manager.Fishing 1
Thanks to Adam Fiegert for this holiday inspiration…

It’s been a great year, however going forward there needs to be some frivolity with friends and family.

A line in the ocean;
A time when an icy-cold beer is acceptable before midday;
The hangover cure is a dive into the deep blue before heading back to camp with five legal-size green lip abalone, set to be matched with a cold lemon cut into spliced pieces, a hot barbecue plate and a cold Barossa white wine;
Just as the white wine helps take the saltwater flavour from your mouth, the smell of fresh lemon and seafood bubbling on the barbecue plate make you start to salivate again and you realise something for the first time in the New Year…
I’m working to live, not living for work.

Whatever you are up to in the coming weeks, we hope you have lots of fun and stay safe. We look forward to continuing to supply you with interesting news and great wine in 2014.

(Nathan thought this update needed a fishing photo, so here’s the tuna he caught earlier this year!)