Sampling the Nitschke Block Shiraz – 27 February 2017

After a month or so of waiting, looks like vintage might start tomorrow, with Chenin Blanc grapes first into the winery.

It’s the latest vintage we’ve had in many years, and has been described by some as a “traditional” vintage. Last year we started almost 4 weeks earlier. With a week of very warm weather forecast, we’re gearing up for some long days and nights ahead.

I’ll share photos throughout vintage and as the Nitschke Block Shiraz was the first wine I made, I thought we should follow it’s journey from the vineyard to the bottle. I’ll share photos throughout the wine making process, and if you have any questions, please comment below.

The Nitschke Block vineyard is on Bethany Road, just across from Turkey Flat Vineyards and was planted by my parents in 1968. I helped out here as a kid, so it was fitting that I made my first couple of barrels of wine from this fruit in 2001.

I’ve taken a sample from both parts of the vineyard today and that should give me a pretty good idea of when we can pick it.