After a slow start to Vintage 2017, things have really picked up this week.

On Wednesday we did the second pick of the Nitschke Block, and the first pick is starting to ferment after a long cold soak. You can see the video I took during the first pick here.

Yesterday we picked the last parcel of Mataro for the Rose.

Pressing Mataro for rosé

During the week, we also did the first press of Shiraz from the family dam block and started on the blending of the 2016 Schwarz GSM and Shiraz.

This week will be just as busy picking the final parcel of Nitschke Block. I’m also expecting to pick the Schiller Shiraz and possibly the first Grenache grapes. By the end of the week, we can expect the first lot of wines will go into barrel.

If you’re on Instagram, you would have also seen a picture of my hard-working vintage hand, Tom from the UK. Hard working, and always smiling – even scrubbing out bins!