Schwarz Wine Co. Black Wine Club

$200.00 Quarterly

The colour black has long been associated with mystery, intrigue, sophistication and luxury, so it seems fitting that Schwarz literarily translates to ‘black’ in English. It is not surprising then that black has always held a special significance to my family and me. It’s a colour that not only features on some of our most premium wines, but now embodies our exclusive wine club, a club that I have been planning for many years.

Black wine club is about creating intrigue and value for its members through exclusive access, events and reward points. Members will receive a mystery six pack every quarter, for the set price of $200, that will feature a selection of wines across our range, handpicked by me and will include new releases, some old favourites and the occasional museum release.

By enjoying Black deliveries throughout the year, you will earn reward points to the value of at least $120 to spend on more of your favourite Schwarz Wine Co. wines!  Alongside this, members will earn reward points on any other wines purchased throughout the year, exclusive access to museum wines and invites to special member events that allow you to peak behind the curtain of Schwarz Wine Co.

Quarterly allocations will be sent out in February, May, August and November each year.


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